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Each day, billions of people all over the world use and consume dozens, maybe hundreds of products. We enjoy a piece of exotic fruit or a lovely cup of coffee, we feel good in our warm and comfortable homes, we have a reliable car in our garage, and we love the sight of our shiny hair. We have become so accustomed to these products adding colour to our lives, that we hardly consider the fact that these products have travelled halfway around the world before ending up in our shops.

What the average consumer has grown so accustomed to, however, is a matter of life and death for each producer. With the utmost precision and an enormous amount of love for the trade, he developed, after all, a product that outshines all his competitors. It required continuous product innovation and enormous investments to reach such a level. Nevertheless, it is only upon reaching its final destination that the product creates the expected return. It is obvious therefore, that the distribution of goods is one of the most crucial links in the product delivery chain.

SEA-invest is that crucial link. A very reliable link! After all, we consider it our duty to deliver goods as quickly and efficiently as possible to their final destination, doing so with the greatest care. All our employees and the entire management make this their daily aim. Day in and day out, they go the extra mile to offer their customers an impeccable service with the greatest possible flexibility. Whether we are active in stevedoring or transport, in warehousing or logistics, our leitmotif remains the same: Our customer’s objective is our focus!

It is only because of this focus that SEA-invest was able to develop itself from being a coal- and scrap-dealer to the company it stands for today: an international holding, spread across two continents, employing five thousand five hundred people and having established a worldwide reputation for the handling of dry bulk, fruit and liquid bulk.

However, we will not rest on our laurels. Our continuous quest for the highest standards of efficiency and customer satisfaction pushes us ever forward. Flexibility, innovation, optimisation, knowhow and being customer directed are core values by which we evaluate ourselves daily and which allow us to make ‘delivering quality’ our standard. That is why SEA-invest can boast several quality certificates on each organisational level.

Next to being result-driven, SEA-invest keeps investing in its human resources and the environment. It is our conviction that employee safety always takes priority over economic targets. Out of respect for our planet, we keep imposing upon ourselves stricter environmental standards. That is how SEA-invest takes on its responsibility to contribute to a safer and healthier environment for the today’s generations and especially those to come.

This website endeavours to introduce you to the many facets of SEA-invest. We warmly invite you to take a look at our different divisions.

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