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NISTM – 20th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show

27th - 29th March

Founded in 1989, The National Institute for Storage Tank Management (NISTM) is an organisation that provides educational opportunities, resources and training seminars about the operation, regulation, and management of Underground and Aboveground storage tank systems.

NISTM offers several one day classes throughout the year about management and operations of UST and AST’s. Our Annual International AST and UST conferences are designed for Engineers, Managers or other individuals involved with operation, construction, environmental compliance, spill prevention or response. This includes Management activities associated with above and under ground tanks.

The Institute has a partnership with the National Organization of State AST Program Managers, and works with numerous state and federal organizations responsible for storage tank regulation, oil spill prevention and response, in addition to interstate liquid petroleum pipeline regulation.

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