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Life Petrochem Tank Terminal is a tank terminal hub that having a unique competitive advantage to make an excellent geographic coverage of supplying chemicals to all the huge consuming chemical factories in all far corners of Egypt, MENA and Africa.

– Life Petrochem Tank Terminal has designed to be a supreme one stop shop of chemicals to serve over thousands customers locally and internationally who benefit from our comprehensive supply chain services.

– Life Petrochem Tank Terminal has designed as a state of the art of the international standards to be one of best Tank Farms in the region.

– We have a full automatic Radar Tank Gauging to measure the volume and control the stored items and ensure the highest level of quality of the stored items.

– Life Petrochem Tank Terminal has the latest FireFighting and Control System that makes everything in the tank farm works without any human involvements.

– Our operation team is a very well trained and up to dated with the latest and updated safety regulations and up to dated also with international operating regulations of tank terminals.

– Commercial team of sales and marketing, logistic professionals provide an unparalleled service at local and global level by offering a state of the art of business professionality.

– Life Petrochem Tank Terminal logistics processes enable to deliver all products at the right time to the right destination and in right quantity.

– Life Petrochem Tank Terminal had been founded and constructed into four phases, 1st phase in 2007 with 7 vertical tanks of storage capacity of 5000 CBM, 2nd phase in 2010 to add new capacity of 4500 CBM of four vertical tanks, 3rd phase in 2015 to add two tanks with capacity of 2500 CBM and finally in 2017 to add three huge tanks to make the full terminal capacity is 18,500 CBM.

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